Kristi Baker
Business / People Navigator

Working with people, giving them tools, resources and identifying ways for each person to moving forward is Kristi’s passion. This is why Shelly’s vision at moonstone resonated with her, each person is treated with a plan that is individualized to help them be their personal best.


Kristi’s focus is in 2 areas at Moonstone, helping with business navigation and helping people one on one navigate emotions, traumas and life with healing and release. 


She has a BA in Business as well as 25 years’ experience working with people, it’s her life mission to help people find the tools to be successful in life.


Kristi loves working with the team at Moonstone. Each staff member brings a special gift to the table.  It’s an amazing experience to have a workplace that is fun, supportive and feels like a family. 


In her time away from Moonstone she enjoys doing things that feeds her soul, such as daily meditation, travel, learning new things daily as well as making things pretty around her, from home décor, fashion to planting flowers in her yard.