Hand Sanitizer - Gentle And Effective

Brand New At Moonstone Medical Aesthetics:

A Gentle, yet Effective Hand Sanitizer!

Are your hands dry or cracked due to excessive washing? Strong, harsh, hand sanitizers can cause dryness, redness, and/or cracking.

At Moonstone Medical Aesthetics, we've partnered with Suzi's to bring you an effective, yet, gentle Hand Sanitizer that you can use every day, without the worry of dry, cracked skin.

Suzi's Lavender Hand Sanitizer has the same germ-killing, antibacterial component, contained in most commercial brands. Yet, Suzi's adds a gentle lavender component that helps nourish and protect your hands, each time you wash.

Suzi's Hand Sanitizer is available exclusively at Moonstone Medical Aesthetics. Pick up a bottle (or two, one for your bag) at our office during regular business hours, or call us and we'll ship to you with no additional shipping charges!

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