Introducing Moon-Tite™

Introducing: Moon-Tite™

What is Moon-Tite™ ?

Moon-Tite™ is based on high-intensity electromagnetic energy. A single thirty minute session, sends high intense electromagnetic vibrations to the pelvic region.

As pelvic floor muscles weaken, they no longer provide the structure necessary for proper bladder control.

Electromagnetic Pelvic Tightening

Approximately 80 percent of women over the age of 60, suffer with urinary incontinence. Many simply choose to live with it, often waiting years (if ever) before obtaining a proper diagnosis. In the past, aside from medications with undesirable side effects, there were few options.

Moon-Tite™ - is a revolutionary treatment, that's alternative to surgery. This new device fortifies your body’s own natural tissues. All you do is sit in the comfortable Moon-Tite™ procedure chair (there is no need to remove clothing) while the device emits high-intensity electromagnetic energy, focusing on deep pelvic floor muscles.

Moon-Tite™ *helps with:

  • Urinary Incontinence

  • Cough, laugh, or lift without worry of leakage

  • Helps with ED (erectile dysfunction) with men.

* (A series of (6) or more session each, and can be performed up to twice per week.. Each patient will differ).

Moon-Tite™ Sessions are 30 minutes each, and can be performed up to twice per week. There is ZERO down time, meaning, that you can return to your normal activities immediately after each treatment.

For a Limited Time Only:

ALL Moon-Tite™ Pelvic Tightening Treatments ARE HALF PRICE!

Call for pricing and scheduling.

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