Introducing The Men's Clinic

Moonstone Medical Aesthetics is thrilled to announce The Men's Clinic!

Services and Procedures designed exclusively for Men!

MAN SHOT - Increase LENGTH with PRP, and GIRTH with PRP and Fillers.

ED TREATMENTS - Effective treatments for ED using PRP (platelet rich plasma).

HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS - Bring dormant hair follicles back to life using PRP, and our own prescription grade minoxidil.

HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY - Boost your testosterone and your hormones to optimum levels for optimum performance, better stamina, more energy, and better mental focus!

BOTOX AND FILLERS -Men: Keep your edge by looking more youthful and vibrant with Botox for wrinkles, and maintain a fuller, stronger jaw-line, with dermal fillers.

Skin Tightening and Body Contouring - Slim down, and contour your body with our RF Skin Tightening, and Body Contouring treatments.

Special Pricing with Joe Fistolera, RN! Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation with Joe, and receive special discounted pricing on ALL Men's Services!

(360) 326-3171

Moonstone Medical Aesthetics

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