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My Look Better, Feel Better Experiences At Moonstone Medical Aesthetics

I visited Moonstone Medical Aesthetics for help with difficulty getting to and staying asleep and experiencing low energy throughout the day. With my doctor's guidance, I had tried resolving this with various treatments - medication, sleep hygiene, exercise, nutrition etc. Nothing gave me significant help. My lab tests had shown that my testosterone levels were very low. However, testosterone therapy was not recommended as I didn’t experience many other low testosterone symptoms and my level was within the normal range, albeit very low.

Several years later, with no significant changes, I did some research and decided to visit Moonstone Medical Aesthetics In Vancouver, WA, to get their advice

. My first impressions of Moonstone were that the facility was very easy to get to in a building by itself (I like the privacy) with ample parking. Walking in the door I was impressed with the cozy, spa-like atmosphere with several private rooms in the back for consultation and procedures. Everyone who worked there were friendly, professional, knowledgeable and really put me at ease. The owner and Nurse Practitioner, Shelly, particularly instills confidence in her practice’s services. I had an in-depth and informative consultation - no high pressure sales pitch - I decided to pursue testosterone pellet therapy.

They took a blood sample to review the results for the appropriate dosage and to see if I had any prostate issues before I began any treatment. I was surprised to see how comprehensive the test was, more than just checking testosterone and prostate health, and it indicated a few other overall health items that I should look into (nothing alarming - mostly vitamin deficiencies) and lifestyle choices I might consider. As expected my testosterone level was low, even lower than in past results.

After reviewing my lab results, I scheduled an appointment, with was very easy with flexible day/time choices, and I didn’t have to wait very long for the appointment. They sent an email for the appointment and a reminder closer to the day of procedure, and I find that helps me keep track of my schedule.

Before the procedure, Nurse Injector Katie Lanigan explained what was involved with the procedure and when I could expect to see as results. The procedure to implant the pellets (under the skin on the buttocks so it wouldn’t be noticeable) was not very painful as she numbed the area and all I felt was more of a “pressure”. Katie told me that results can be seen in some patients very quickly but usually it is more like 6 to 8 weeks. A bandage is put on that is water sealed and holds tight for many days. She explained the possible but unlikely problems that can occur (mostly infection at the implant site) and to let them know immediately if I experienced any. Other than that, no special after care instructions and the bandage would come off over time by showering or just taking it off after the site heals.

After about 6 weeks, I could see a significant difference in my energy level as I woke up ready to go which hasn't happened in years. Also I found that I was falling asleep very quickly. For a while, I still had a few energy lulls during the day, not nearly as bad as before, which eventually decreased over time. And, I had a positive side effect of having a noticeable increase in libido. While not a permanent solution, as my testosterone level will slowly decrease with time (natural part of aging), I will continue with the therapy when needed in the future.

I am very happy with the results of my testosterone pellet therapy and highly recommend Moonstone Medical Aesthetics.

But wait, there’s more!

I decided to look into some of the other services Moonstone provides. As I have aged, I’ve been cognizant of the permanent frown lines I had developed in addition to the crow’s feet around my eyes. Do I settle for this look as I am getting older or do I try to do something about it? While it may seem vain, looking better does make you feel better about yourself. I went to Moonstone Medical Aesthetics to see what they could do. After a consultation with Moonstone's Patient Concierge John Treadwell, I decided to have the Botox procedure. John helped establish reasonable expectations - significantly diminished, lines but not necessarily totally eradicated and that this is not a permanent solution but should last for months. Possible, but unlikely side effects were explained as well as when I should see results. John also informed me on why using a good eye cream was important and recommended that I use one. Moonstone sells eye cream products, but there was no pressure to buy it. Soon after, a convenient appointment was scheduled and I didn’t wait very long to have the botox procedure.

When the day arrived for my Botox procedure, it was Nurse Injector Katie Lanigan, who did the injections, and the procedure was quick and painless. Katie told me that if I did experience any of the possible (but unlikely) side effects, to let them know immediately.

After about a week, I could definitely see noticeable improvement and after l0 days I saw significant improvement. I even continued to see some improvement over about the next 10 days. The frown lines are gone (except when I frown, of course) and the crows feet are very much reduced. I know that these are not permanent results and to keep them I will need continued botox treatments in the future. Interestingly, the deep parallel line between my brows wasn’t reduced much but they had explained to me before the procedure that this was a tough area and not uncommon to see less improvement there. No problem, miracles may happen - but not this time!

I am very happy with the results of my botox procedure and highly recommend Moonstone Medical Aesthetics!

Wait, there's even more!

After pursuing a long term change in diet and exercise, I still find myself with excess belly fat and love handles. I cannot seem to get rid of them. So, I visited Moonstone Medical Aesthetics to see what they recommend. After a consultation with John Treadwell, he recommended an injection in the problem spots. He explained that the product - which is FDA approved to reduce chin fat, would reduce belly fat by permanently eliminating the targeted fat cells. In addition to the injections, I was told that I would also have to keep up with my diet and exercise regimen, as fat could build back up, albeit in other parts of my body.

John helped establish reasonable expectations, explained the details of the procedure itself and informed me that I would probably need about 4 sessions of injections. A convenient appointment was scheduled and I didn’t wait very long to have the deoxycholic procedure. When the day arrived it was Nurse Injector Katie Lanigan who did the the relatively pain-free injections. There was no after care needed.

A dew days later, I saw some bruising and as the body was eliminating the fat, I experienced going to the bathroom more frequently. At first, I was quite bloated with a lot of jiggly belly fat. This was expected as my body was destroying the fat cells. After the first week I started seeing results mainly in the love handle fat. I had 2 more injections about 3 to 4 weeks apart. I have definitely seen a reduction in love handle fat and some reduction in the belly fat. With each injection I’ve seen continued to see results and will have a 4th injection soon.

In addition, Moonstone carries several skin care items - again, with no hard sell. I felt that with some of the procedures I had, I should maintain the improvements I saw so I got several of their products. The Moonstone Clarifying Brightening Polish is a great exfoliator and face wash. The exfoliator is not so “sandpaper-y” as others I have tried but it definitely makes you feel like you have really scrubbed and cleaned your face. As my neck was very rough, probably due to years of sun damage and neglect, I use the Moonstone Firming Neck Cream. I like how my neck now looks and feels. I also use Neo Lumiere' Riche Eye Balm to maintain the skin around my eyes.

Moonstone Medical Aesthetics is quite proud of the quality of their products - my experience causes me to agree!

I highly recommend Moonstone Medical Aesthetics for their products, procedures and customer service!

- Paul M.

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